11 September 2009

it was a little travel.

I haven't been here for 2 months. It doesn't metter who reads this blog. I like to post some things I'm interesting in. And so this august was perfect! I traveled abroad. To China. I was there 3 years ago and in this time I was looking for more clothes and probably some things I bought you'll like.

These sandals i found on the ground floor of the underground store. They cost 30$. I fell in love with them from the moment i saw.

This nice blouse i also found there. It cost probably near 10$. And of course i coudn't leave store without cute Sunglasses (3$ for pair).

I fall asleep, but tomorrow will certainly tell you a little about China and take a photo of the remaining purchases.


Masha said...

i'm still going to steal your sandals.
and no matter what the size is.)

Anonymous said...
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