12 October 2009

Top Details (Part 2).

As i promised i continue my last post about "Top Details of Spring 2010 Ready to wear collections". Let's talk about designer's shoes. I'm a shoes addict by the way ;)

I won't write about LV or McQueen cuz i didn't like it. Yeah such as art it's great but not for me.


Natalie Low said...

i can steal those white Gucci's?!!

Rina said...

oh, i love all of them! )))

Ruby said...

Natalie: you are welcome ;)

ko said...

amazing and ur funny by the way;) xx
let's follow ea. other KARAMATIC

Yuliana K. said...

абажаю все!!!!
love the blog too! glad i stopped by, i get to practice my russian :)

emma said...

i actually really agree with you about the McQueens