14 October 2009

What do you want buy now?

Some hours ago...no...exactly some weeks ago I came to believe that i had my last shopping very spontaneously and i need some new clothes and may be shoes. Reading magazins and blogs i couldn't believe that all that i want or already have bougth last month is a trend now. So i want sharing my ideas with you.

Faux Fur
There are a lot of types of outerwear but for some reason i want actually this. It will respond well wit the top and even better with the dress. Although we now have terrible and cold weather in St. Petersburg but it will not stop me from buying such a amazing thing.

Striped Shirt
Creat Coco Chanel gave us this beutiful thing. I can not remain indifferent! I have one in my closet and one variation like a top.

Leather leggings.
In the beginning of the year every stulish and unstylish girl weared it. But it so warm and cool...so...want!

I have one grey and linen from TOPSHOP. Give me more and more! Jackets are going to become my passion. In love absolutely.

T-shirts and gray sweater. But this is such a habit i guess.


Masha said...

to be honest... today i bought THE SECOND leopard printed faux fur.
i'm totally obsessed!

Rina said...

great choices!!! :) i love all pics!

Mari Rudomski said...

значит, у Вас есть чувство моды :)

Ashley said...

I'm so glad more and more people are embracing faux fur!


Gladys said...

Oh em gee. I think im in love with everything.

Ly Wells said...


Jennifer Fabulous said...

I love faux fur. Those jackets are amazing. And I also adore the striped shirts. I'm not sure I could pull off the leather leggings though! LOL!

Beth said...

Totaklly agree with all your choices!
Especially the striped tee one, I have so many!
Mishca Barton looks amazing in that photo!
Awrsome blog btw!

Miss Erinna said...

Fur coats are so fabulous, I feel so special when I wear mine (it's fake of course!)
And I agree with you on striped t-shirts, you can never have to many!
Miss Erinna

Kosterina O. said...

даа это действительно все что нужно) кстати меховую жилетку сейчас сама шью дело буквально 2х часов)

olga_p said...

jessica stam is awesome, so obsessed with peace-signed t-shirt)))