04 November 2009

Lessons of Style: Isabel Lucas

Don't break your dreams and your works is a gold rule for everyone who wants to be successful. I didn't pay attantion to my blog as much as it needs and there were many bad things i was thinking about last week. Say no to lazy and sad people! It was my small apologize post.
What do you know about Isabel Lucas? Yes, she played in Transformers: Revenge of fallen. And what else? But she actually has a great style and she is really beautiful young Australian girl."My style? I don't have it. I buy things at flear markets and it's very important for me that they will be comfortable." She loves gypsy skirts, jackets with rolled up sleeves, hats, kerchiefs, handmade jewelry. Favorite shoes - warm boots.But it's not the usual problem to appear at social event and always looks brilliant.
and Isabel also active do the charity. she helps to save whales. you can see the video i can't post it. i cried it's too hard.

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Maria said...

Согласна! У нее хороший стиль, у нас в блоге тоже про нее как-то был пост: