18 November 2009

Under control.

At last week i had an oppurtunity to update my lookbook profile like strange it can sounds. Frost will come at St. Petersburg soon. Although the cold is so terrible, but the flakes of snow outside, a cup of warm tea, and my illness (as a bonus a lot of free time for study and good work) only increased the need for change and awareness, more willingness to change.

And Outfit
Faux fur Mango, Shorts TOPSHOP, T-Shirt Handmade


Polly said...

Hmm .... 5 is cold? Today will be cool on the street)
T-Shirt great))))
What area?

Lilee said...

i love your jacket and the tee!

Anna said...

Очень красивая майка с птицами и деревьями!) Это краска или вышивка?

Katya said...

Мне нравятся фотографии. Шарф красивый! Правда, кажется, что январь на первых фотографиях!

Masha said...

the last two kill me! you're p.r.e.t.t.y!
where? when? aa

Fashion Nicotine said...

I love the last outfit!! I love the DIY shirt!!

Emily said...

that's such an adorable outfit!! you look so warm and cozy in the first ones!

Ruby said...

This tee made by my friend :) she is very talanted girl in art i mean and she painted it.

Это нарисовано красками)