23 December 2009


Seth: This year I created a Chrismukkah work wheel, so that everybody understands his or her duties this holiday season. Voila!
Kirsten: You’re kidding me.
Seth: Does it look like I’m kidding?
Ryan: Lemme guess what your job is.
Seth: I’m the supervisor, smart ass.
Ryan: Oh that’s big of you.

The O.C. 2.06 - “The Chrismukkah That Almost Wasn’t”

How do you plan celebrating this holiday? What do you want cook and present to your relatieves, friends? I would do a tasty, i guess, bluberry pie and listen Christmas songs) Short and holiday programme.


Allegra said...

haha! the oc is so funny everytime I watch it.. it's never out ...

yesterday, we put up the christmas tree and today I'll help my mommy with the cooking.. in the evening my whole family will come to celebrate and eat together and of course to give presents :D

wish you merry christmas!
ps: lovely blog

Anna said...

Вчера залезла в интернет, чтобы найти рецепт и испечь Christmas Cake...но оказалось, что его надо готовить за несколько недель, чуть ли не за месяц))) так что эта идея отпала) Ограничусь только печеньем :>

Tenny said...

aww i miss The OC!! The Chrismukkah episodes were always the best.
This year I'll be having a very traditional Christmas Eve with my extended family, then spend Christmas Day with my parents watching loads of old Christmas movies

Hope you have a merry Christmas!

Style Bird said...

Happy Holidays!

un petit lapin said...

Oh, I miss Seth and The OC! I plan to bake, eat and watch Christmas films this holiday :)
Hope you have a lovely Christmas!

Emily said...

ohhh the OC... it feels like so long ago that it was on tv... weird! happy holidays!!

Belen Vazquez Amaro said...

Merry Xmas!

KATIA said...

Moon river! Oh man, I'm glad you commented on my blog because I'm a huge Audrey fan too :)

And the oc used to be my favorite show when it was playing :) Seth is quite the funny one :)

olga_p said...

хаха крисмукка, сет коэн из лав лав лав:)