17 December 2009

To be honest.

Hard week with exams and next is more harder but it's funny i think. Lose the weight and drink a lot of coffe.
I want posting some pictures that improve my mood and forced smile)
I become a an art fan. Love all these painted cute girls. Often caught completely insane work. Crazy in terms of style and details such as eyes hair and movement.
Fashion without i'm nothing.

Disney cartoons make me 13 years girl)
I'l get this cuttie one day.I always wanted to live in California or another Sunny and warm place. House near the beach is a little dream.


Elizabeth said...

i love all of these photos! they are all so inspiring! i love that painting!

Anna said...

Как же я тоже устала сейчас от учебы(((...thanks for lovely pics!

Chloe said...

i love these photos, that puppy is soo cute

Emily said...

sooo amazing!!!