15 September 2009

I know you love me. xoxo. Gossip girl.

Residents of Upper East Side, are you ready for the new gossip? The summer was very hot, but it was just beginning. Or going? Each in its own way.

The third season of "Gossip girl" I waited a bit in the least whole 2 months! And then, finally, on 14 September in America, officially was screened the first series. The rest had to be hard to wait for release on the Internet, anyone and it does not matter at all with the understanding a foreign language, it is and subtitles.

As I understood from the introductory episode that serial doesn't set to plot, although it is similar to that present and if not quibble too much, you can even get the pleasure of viewing. "Gossip girl" has always reflected the good life, wealth and luxury of the Manhattan's elite. Impeccably selected music, nice characters, well-chosen wardrobe. Do the creators follow the tradition in the new season? Definitely. Here are some of the most successful in my opinion clothes of the 3х01 - Reversals of Fortune:

Bree's dress

Blair's dresses

I'm totally in love with Serena's clothes. It's much better then Blair's i this episode i mean.

Every season Vannesa has a great style. I love her dress. Where I can find it? :)

Jenny has sweet rock style from 2d season. And she looks very amazing with long blond hair.

I would continue to tell about wardrobe of the next episodes.

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